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    TeaPod Digital Media Players

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    Instruction: This is a Linear Optimization problem in a Decision modeling course. Please use excel and Solver as it is instructed in the question.

    TeaPod Digital Media Players (DMP) Corp. is a Mountain View, California based electronics manufacturer, specializing in their patented technology media players. Started in 2006, the company is still in its growth phase. The company has four different models of players it sells to consumers: The Active and iPlus models are equipped with the company's newly patented Internet browsing software and chip, and have special "touch-screen" displays specifically designed for that purpose. The Classic and Slim models have regular displays.

    TeaPod out-sources its manufacturing and relies on partners located in Taiwan for the supply of the displays, assembly and test of the players. Each model's assembly time and test time requirements are shown in Table 1 below, together with the amount of time available for assembly and testing in the next month. Unfortunately, because of a supply chain disruption in Taiwan, the market is short in displays. TeaPod's supplier is working with tight resources, and indicates that not more than 12,000 displays in total could be supplied in the next month, and of these, not more than 7,000 could be the touch-screen type.


    Assume that TeaPod is interested in maximizing the contribution from the players for the next month, and that it can sell all the players of any model that can be produced. How many of each model should TeaPod order to be produced? Formulate this as a linear programming model, set it up in Excel, and use Solver to find the optimal solution. Please also show your model's Excel formulas.

    Please see the attached file for data.

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