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The Mantell Company: Linear programming problem

The Mantell Company makes softballs and baseballs. Softballs sell for $17 each, and baseball sell for $15 each. Making a ball of any kind requires leather, nylon, wood chips, labor and machine time. The requirements for each ball type and the resources available are show in the following table:

Item Softball
Requirement Baseball
Requirement Available
Leather 6 ounces 4 ounces 6000 ounces
Nylon 8 yards 3 yards 5000 yards
Wood Chips 10 ounces 2 ounces 5000 ounces
Labor 3 minutes 2 minutes 3600 minutes
Machine 1 minute 1 minute 2000 minutes

The company wishes to use LP to determine the optimal number of each type of ball to produce in order to maximize revenue.

Answer the following questions:
1.1) (2 points) Write down the decision variables.
1.2) (3 points) Write down the optimization statement for the objective function.
1.3) (5 points) Write down the constraints.


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