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Strategic and Tactical Decision Making

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Reflect upon both the Waterman/Peters/Philips and the Miller/Whitney articles, and consider which framework is best suited to help guide your strategic and tactical decision-making if you were selected to be the new CEO for your firm, and then reply to *one* of the DQ's below:


DQ#2A: 7-S & Strategic Alignment

McDonald's is the organization. Reflect upon Waterman/Peters/Phillips article and put yourself in the position of the CEO of your firm. Discuss which of the 7-S "components" you would initially focus upon to get the alignment necessary to successfully implement your organization's strategy. Do you think that your focus might change after a year on the job - why or why not?

... OR ...


DQ#2B: Strategic Configuration

Reflect upon the Miller/Whitney article and put yourself in the position of being the new CEO of your firm. Discuss which "configuration" best describes your organization's strategy as you *enter* your new position. Which configuration do you want to steer your organization towards over the next five years, and why?

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//Firstly, I have explained what is the '7S framework'. Then, moving forward, I have highlighted each factor or component of the framework and its importance in the Organization. The analysis of an Organization can be easily and effectively done through this framework.//

7-S framework

7-S framework is of the model of strategic management, which explains 7 factors to arrange the policies of a company in an effective and efficient manner. It was proposed by McKinsey. The 7 factors of the model define how a corporation can operates in the present scenario. All the 7 factors should be kept in mind by the managers during decision making because the 7-S factors make the manager sure of successful implementation of a strategy.

It is used for the analysis of an organization. The 7-S of the framework are given below:


An organization structure is the way in which the tasks and subtasks required to implement a strategy are arranged. A strategy has to grapple with the complexities of crating the structure, making it work, redesigning when required and the implementing changes that will keep the structure relevant to the needs of the strategies that have to be implemented. The total responsibility to implement strategies has to be subdivided and distributed to different organizational units to do work at cross purpose; coordination will have to be through communication (Waterman, Peters & Phillips, 1980).


Management is an art as well as science. Many of the concepts used in building management theory have been derived from practice. Unlike the pure sciences, ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1006 words with references.

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