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    Political systems: discussion items for potential export marketers

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    Please help me in starting a 3-5 page memo on a country I select as a potential market for a product and present my findings to managers of my organization.

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    Choosing to export isn't really an issue today. The world will come to your door with the occasional unsolicited Internet order if nothing else. But the problem is that so will your competition. For virtually every business, your marketplace-that means both prospective customers and competitors-is the world. The real issues that you need to ask concern the "where" and the "how."

    Here are some questions that every potential export marketer needs to ask:
    ? What countries offer the best potential for my products?
    ? What is the nature and size of the country market? The target market?
    ? What government regulations must the product meet to enter a market?
    ? What adaptations, if any, are needed for the best product-market fit?
    ? What channel structure can best serve this market, and what type of channel members are available in the foreign market?
    ? What factors may affect the pricing strategy and offer?

    How can the product be promoted and what promotional tools can be used successfully?

    In crossing national borders, a firm encounters parameters not found in the home market. Examples include tariff (duties} and no tariff barriers (standards, quotas, etc), foreign currencies and changes in their value, different modes of transportation, port facilities and international documentation. A firm that has done business only domestically will have little or no prior experience with these requirements and conditions. New parameters also emerge because of differing modes of operating internationally. For example, a firm can export, it can license products, it can participate in a joint venture, or it can carry out foreign ...

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    The 1052-word solution first presents a list of subjects to be explored for a foreign marketer, following by a discussion about how a product can be promoted and what promotional tools can be used successfully. Last is a comprehesive example using
    the history of the computer market.