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    Country and product market evaluation

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    Select a company and country that interests you.

    You have been asked to evaluate the country you selected as a potential market for your product(s)/service(s) and present your findings to other managers of the organization in a memo. In your memo, be sure to address the following:

    Provide a brief overview of the company and why the country you selected may be a potential market.
    What type of political and legal systems does the country have?
    Do free elections take place?
    Is the government heavily involved in the economy?
    Is the legal system effective and impartial?
    Do political and legal conditions suggest that it should be further considered as a potential market?

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    I would choose an African nation such as Ethiopia and a company such as Miracle Gro which could be good fit for several reasons.

    The country is poor and has many droughts, but it has arable land for use in planting. Overgrazing and farming with overwatering often leaves the country without enough food. A good quality product that promotes strong growth of food would be a good and welcome addition to the current methods in place to try to repair the country's needs.

    Miracle Gro is a company that supplies products for the care and feeding of plants. The products promote growth while supplying needed nutrients to ...

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    A discussion on a product and a country evaluation for introducing a new product. Legal, political and economy issues are discussed. Ethiopia market for Miracle Gro products.