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    Promotion and Price Analysis

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    I have selected a product called "iPod" and I need help in addressing the following issues concerning this product. Though I have read, analyzed and already addressed other issues regarding this product. But, I need help in addressing these remaining issues as listed below. I would really appreciate any help in this regard. Please respond only if you are addressing these issues and not just providing links or references. Thanks much in advance.

    Product: "iPod" MP3 player from Apple.

    Some issues that need to be addressed:

    - Examplify how an "iPod" is being promoted via:
    I. Publicity
    II. Television
    III. Internet
    - Identifying promotional messages and describe how these messages are being conveyed via the three selected communication channels.
    - Explain how these messages position the "iPod" to appeal to its target audience.
    - Identify where the "iPod" is in its product life cycle.
    - Explain how this life cycle stage affects the pricing strategy. If you can provide any examples in this regard, that would be helpful as well.

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    1) Publicity.
    Lets first define what publicity is.
    A basic tool of the publicist is the press release, but other techniques include telephone press conferences, in-studio media tours, multi-component video news releases (VNR's), newswire stories, and internet releases. For this to occur, the information needs to be "newsworthy" - this might not always be the case, therefore, publicist can try to create their own news. Some examples of such include:
    ·Art exhibitions
    ·Event sponsorship
    ·Arrange a speech or talk
    ·Conduct a poll or survey
    ·Issue a report
    ·Celebrate an anniversary

    So in this case, we can do many things to promote the ipod via publicity. We can hold a contest "who has the coolest mix of songs in their ipod". We can hold an art exhibit and show all of the ipod holders that were created. Perhaps, ipod can have a 3-year birthday party, where people can come, eat cake, and pay homage to the ipod. There is many creative ways that it can be promoted via publicity.

    2) Television: There are actually 2 ways to promote the ipod on tv- one way can be commercials. This is not really the best option now a days because of technology such as TVO and PVR where people can fast forward and even skip commercials entirely. The second one is more powerful, and this could be by showcasing the ipod in a tv show - a product placement. You can have one of the wives from desperate housewives jogging while listening to the newest ipod. This is a nice way to promote the product on TV.

    3) Internet - the typical way would be to have a cool, interactive, dynamic website which is dedicated to the ipod. It should be different then the one where people could buy them - there should be no purchasing element to it. The web page is all based on promotion. It could include cool accessories, user suggested playlists... it can include contestes where users can try to win the latest ipod. There can be a chat where people can talk about music, lifestyles... the website should be very bold, bright colors, filled with interactivity (so the site feels very high teck, but is very high touch)...

    - Identifying promotional messages and describe how these ...

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