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Product marketing strategy

I need to determine the marketing research approach that would used to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for this new product or service. I need about 250 words. Help! Any ideas? Thanks. (See Below)

1) A handheld calorie counter

Market focus: All calorie conscious people. In a health conscious world, calories and nutrition are becoming a bigger and bigger focus of people's lives.

Product description: It would be a handheld device about the size of a phone. Touch screen capabilities. A person can look up and track all items consumed for the day as well as physical activity. This will show calories consumed and burned. The device will also show what items consumed fell into which of the food groups and where the person needs to focus their nutrition more on. The device would be able to be hooked into a computer to download new foods - with a subscription of course!

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Marketing research is making sure you have a clear picture of a product and who might want to use it. It is not necessarily a review of those who might have a current need for the product, but how and what can be done that will make the product more viable to others as well. Can the product create a new market? In the best cases, yes it can create a new market for the product and other related products.
With that in mind, market research of the ...

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An explanation about the best ways and reasons for doing a marketing research on the suggested product. Who, what, and other marketing concepts are noted.