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Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods public relations issues stems from periods of significant growth. In order to keep the existing clients and enhance their shopping perceptions, Kudler Fine Foods has decided to initiate a frequent shopper program, expand services offered such as cooking classes, and obtain more competitive pricing through supplier relation negotiations. First, the frequent shopper program will enhance the customer perception by establish a sense of belonging to the customers. Next, the additional services will change the customers' perception of Kudler Fine Foods. No longer will it be just a place to buy groceries. Kudler speciality stores will become a social setting where housewives can learn and trade culinary secrets. Finally, the supplier relations will help in two ways. It will increase the value of shopping at Kudler Fine Foods as a bargain due to more competitive pricing. It will also develop supplier relations establishing Kudler Fine Foods as a valuable customer to the distributors.

The target audiences are both the consumers and the suppliers. The consumers will see Kudler Fine Foods in a whole new light. The drudgery of shopping is over, as Kudler Fine Foods will be the new social hang out. The value of being at Kudler Fine Foods will be priceless as friends gather and shop together. The suppliers will see the changes of Kudler Fine Foods, and start viewing them as a larger, more profitable customer. This will put Kudler Fine Foods in a better position to negotiate on the purchasing of product. Their target market and sales organization will concentrate on consumers who enjoy quality specialized products while paying premium price. These consumers targeted for this marketing plan live in high-end zip codes and are accustomed to fine dining. In both circumstances, Kudler Fine Foods increases the value of their public relations. In both cases, Kudler Fine Foods becomes seen as more than they are and are better liked because of it.

Kudler Fine Foods main objective is to increase awareness of their unique products and services through a marketing research plan developed by Marketers and their Public Relation (PR) Strategist to reach the company's desired goal in the next 12 months. Kudler Fine Foods has a good marketing plan for next years expansion by increasing revenue by 20% by expanding their services, creating frequent shopper programs and increase efficiency while keeping costs down and increase customer base by 12% and increase the knowledge of all employees by 100% regarding their department.

One of Kudlers strategies should include preparing a special event campaign to popularize the new cooking classes featuring famous chefs local and international. The popularity of cooking shows and chef showdowns has increased in number and consumers would enjoy attending cooking classes at a specialty food store famous for its celebrity instructors and cook-offs. This is an excellent marketing tool to generate exposure and generate revenue by increasing customer visits and frequent purchases of the finest breads, wine, cheese, and seafood, cooked or catered to customer needs. Brochures, newspaper ads, radio spots in all languages, TV spots promoting the the famous chef a the special event shows, mail distribution of coupons, bring a friend to cooking class membership points are all some to the strategies that will be used by the Public Relations department to generate awareness of this unique opportunity and specialty products.

Kudler Fine Foods "chefs at your door" concept is a perfect way to tap into their loyal customer's friends and families. To taste first-hand the freshest ingredients prepared by renowned chefs from around the world would attract people from all demographics and encourage a return visit more than often. Additionally, consumers have a chance to enter contests that have high-ticket items for bringing a friend to cooking class. The programs Kudler plans to implement are all self-funding that can ultimately increase revenue.
Being a member of Kudler's frequent shopper program is unique and designed to appeal to the upper-class by a loyalty point system given to consumers that can be redeemed for high-end gifts, such first class airline upgrades or specialty items. The marketers did excellent research and determined that upper class citizens are not discount shoppers, but love winning or getting freebies of value.

The evaluation step in a marketing research is essential. It permits the practitioner to assess the effectiveness of the current and future strategies, demonstrate the effectiveness to management strategies, and plan for future efforts to execute an appropriate marketing strategy for business operations. It also gives an opportunity to adjust tactics while a publicity campaign is in progress. Research methods such as the organizational image surveys can be used to gauge success, usually for both pretest and post-tests for a series of surveys to track attitude trends. In addition, certain actions by members of a public can be measured, like complaints, inquiries about services, and requests for reprints (Lattimore et al, 2004).


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Market research is of the utmost importance in ensuring the company has a competitive advantage. Market research will show the organization where they will be the most profitable and what target audience would have the potential to be the most loyal. Marketing or publicity consists of media interests and actual coverage, such as a news story, radio interview. This in turn promotes customer awareness. When consumers grow aware of what Kudler is selling and what the company stands for, consumers will be able to relate to the company on many levels. Kudler must possess the ability to connect with their targeted consumer based audience over the long haul. If a public relations campaign is correctly researched and planned, its elements will interact to produce an effect that is much greater than the sum of the response to the individual messages. If the marketing mix is not right, the elements of the PR campaign combined, no matter how individually excellent, may fall short of the goal or objective. Therefore, it is important to measure the cumulative impact of marketing research and the role it plays on public relations and the overall organizations goals..
campaign, keeping in mind the goals developed in the planning phase. The effects of marketing are generally attitudinal, although they can also be behavioral if one campaign goal is to maintain or increase favorable attitudes toward an organization among members of certain publics.