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Marketing Strategies of Levi's GWG brand

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Discuss advantages and disadvantages of each.
The alternatives:

- GWG needs a new marketing plan to attract more customers
- Better training for GWG staff
- GWG needs to keep up with the new clothing style
- Establish a new web site and custom clothing
- Being more competitive in the market place

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The solution discusses the marketing strategies and plans of GWG (Great Western Garments) Company, a Levi's brand advantages and disadvantages of the marketing plans and strategies. The discussion is based on the case.

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Julie Klee, Director of Marketing is in dilemma whether the company should continue licensing the GWG brand to Jack Spratt or take over the business and operate it by themselves as he is dissatisfied with the results provided by the licensee with a royalty of only half a million dollars.
GWG is a brand which was started in 2011 and therefore some heritage is associated with the brand. The present situation is that the company offers the following elements of marketing mix:
Market Segments of GWG
- Men's Segment
- Construction workers
Products - The company is offering products such as prewashed jeans named scrubbies, padded work wear for workers and lumperjacks through to suits and dresses. The company is present in men's jeans with limited four finishes and 16 sizes only
Pricing - Average wholesale prices $19.50 ( ranging between $18 and $22), Brand retailed for $29.99
Promotional strategies of GWG - Early payment discounts and returns and allowances equating 3%.
Distribution Channels used by Jack Spratt for CWG - Selling to smaller mass merchants in rural areas and independent retailers
The sales of the company has increased by 20000 units only (from 180000 to 200000 units)
Change is required in Marketing Plan due to following ...

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