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SWOTT Analysis

A company called Blenders is untertaking a new business endeavor: opening fruit smoothie stands inside gym/fitness facilities. Mission to include- Customer Service, Create atmosphere where people want to hang out, continue to offer healthy options (through ambiance, wifi, comfort). Geographic - Tropical/Warm and/or College Towns. Product Mix - all natural fruit smoothies.

Provide approximately 400 words on a SWOTT (Strengths (internal), Weaknesses (internal), Opportunities (external), Threats (external), and Trends (external)) analysis on fruit smoothie stands inside gyms and or fitness facilities.

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The strengths of Blenders include the direct location to people who hang out in large groups as many people work out together. In addition, people who go to gyms enjoy drinks with fruit in them so this would be a perfect mix, and people who exercise get hungry and a smoothie is a good alternative to a heavy meal.

The weaknesses of Blenders include a lack of a health aspect that many of those who go to the gym prefer. While smoothies are healthier than many drinks, fruit include a lot of sugar in them which those who are looking to lose weight and therefore go to the gym may not want. In ...

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