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    McDonald's increase in profits - Happy Meal

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    I need a SWOTT Analysis (Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunites,Threats,Trends)for an idea of an Olympic Medal Toys to be included in Happy Meals as new product. The medals would represent each country and what they medaled in. The medals would cost $1.99 separtely, or $1.00 with a Happy Meal purchase.

    I have attached the rest of the paper, just need the SWOTT analysis.

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    ? Popular idea during Olympics hype
    ? Increase revenue (medals would cost $1.99 separately, or $1.00 with a Happy Meal purchase)
    ? Strong Brand Name - McDonald's

    ? Possibility of not being profitable
    ? Lack of patent protection - ...

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    Brothers Dick and Mac McDonald started McDonalds Restaurant in San Bernardino, California in 1940. McDonald's restaurants have served primarily hamburgers, chicken, French fries, and soft drinks to around 20 million people a day for the past 68 years, in over 100 countries, in 15,000 locations around the world (McSpotlight 2007). Over the years, McDonalds has had to continue to alter their marketing campaigns to stay fresh and new in the eyes of people of all ages. Some of these marketing campaigns have included commercial spokesman Ronald McDonald, the infamous clown who appeals to children; a healthier menu that includes fruit and vegetable salads, bottled water, and even veggie burgers. McDonalds has been successful in implementing the children's "happy meal" that includes a reduced portion of food and drink with a child-friendly toy included in a mini cardboard house with handles. McDonald's strongest demographic are children between the ages of one and ten (McSpotlight 2007). The toys included in the happy meal follow cultural fads in all countries, closely tied in with the most recent movies and movie characters or events taking place such as, Star Wars and The Olympics. McDonalds will soon take a new approach to the widely popular happy meal toy to keep regulars in the restaurant and also bring in new, possibly skeptical, customers.