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Staffing Tools in Employee Training

There are many possible staffing tools to help forecast later job performance. How do you decide which ones to use?

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Staffing Tools and Job Performance

There are many good staffing tools to utilize in the assessment process of not only hiring employees but in analyzing how they perform. When is the best time to use them, and what are the best ones to use? As a result of using staffing tools to assess staff, training programs can be developed to enhance what the employee already knows or teach what the employee is lacking. The following types are the different staffing tools that can be used:
> Testing
> Portfolios
> Personality Tests
> Skill Tests
> Surveys
> Interviewing
> Observation

These tools are more along the lines of assessment tools that can evaluate the prospective hire, the new hire, and the current ...

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It discusses the staffing tools, what tools can be used, and how they are used to forecast later job performances. It gives the technique to use for knowing how to forecast job performances.