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Compare and contrast data requirements between industries

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I need to compare and contrast data requirements between two of the following industries:


I need to Focus on what type of information (data) do these different industries need to keep a supply chain system working smoothly -- for instance to keep inventory levels, or accept orders, or do performance measurement. Different industries have different information needs.

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Suggestions regarding your questions

I will give you suggestion regarding these sectors: Service, Government.

Supply chain management has become increasingly popular and those organizations who are recognizing the importance of effective supply chain management are gaining significant competitive advantage over their competitors because of way they are configuring and managing their supply chain.

Supply chain management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-They have transformed value propositions of goods and services offered. The ultimate aim is to provide a complete end to end consumer experience---right from the promise to satisfy his need to its delivery.

Case of Service sector
The difference between goods and services with regards to handling the quality decision is that in goods, there are many objective quality standards as oppose to services which have many subjective quality standards.
Services are defined as those economic activities that typically produce an intangible product such as education, delivery services, health services and entertainment. Another example is purchasing a ride in an empty seat in a train, bus, or an airplane as opposed to a tangible object. Furthermore, services are usually produced and consumed at the same time (pg 9).
Supply chain and performance measurement issues in services
Services can not be in an inventory. Services are often unique in everyway. Every person for example may receive a different haircut from the barber shop. In addition, every person may receive different legal advices. These types of services are usually not the same as the rest of the people. This is the reason why it is difficult to standardize. Most services have a high customer interaction. Each interaction will vary depending on the needs and wants of the consumer. Services have inconsistent product definition Moreover; services are knowledge based such as education, medical and legal services. Lastly, services are dispersed because the types of service are brought to the customer such as the home, office or store.
Goods are tangible goods which can be resold, inventoried, transportable, and easy to automate. Also, some aspects of the product can be distinguishable through the quality. Moreover; services are knowledge based such as education, medical and legal services. Lastly, services are dispersed because the types of service are brought to the customer such as the home, office or store.
Thus supply chains with respect to services are more difficult.

A client of ours needed Year 2000 software changes done very quickly (within a matter of weeks) after the failure of a previous ...

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The solution compares and contrasts data requirements between industries.

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