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Good stress vs. Bad stress/ Is Stress ever Good?

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Excessive stress is associated with various negative health outcomes, including heart disease and obesity, but some people appear to thrive in stressful environments.

1. Is there a difference between "good stress" and "bad stress?"
2. Why do some people seem to enjoy boredom while others do not?
3. Is Stress a Good Thing or Bad Thing?

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This solution discusses whether there is a difference between good and bad stress, why some people appear to enjoy boredom more than others, and if stress is ever positive. It includes examples and references.

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There is absolutely a difference between "good" and "bad" stress, however, it is variable based on the person. Some people thrive under pressure while others collapse. A lot has to do with personality type, but stress can be broken down in the following manner: anxiety or state anxiety is when there is apprehension and uncertainty accompanied by "elevated autonomic and voluntary neural outflow and increased endocrine activity (Baechle, Earle, 2008), this is a negative experience, but it can have a positive effect on performance, depending on ...

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