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Surviving Change and its Associated Stress

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Stress in the workplace, especially during times of organizational change, is common. As more organizations find themselves in a ââ?¬Å"Change or Dieââ?¬Â? situation, the levels of stress are on the rise (Deutschman, 2007).

Describe a time when you experienced a significant change in your life (preferably at your current place of work). Be sure to explain the following:

What were the reasons for the change?
Who were the players manipulating, involved in, and/or affected by this change?
What (if any) were the leadership strategies/theories used to assist with the change? If none were used, what might have been applied as a means of smoothing the transition?
How long did the complete transition take and why?
What were the positive and negative results of this change?

Then, review the attached document (attached) titled "Survival Guide for Basic Mistakes" and describe three basic mistakes made by you, a supervisor, a coworker, or a combination of the three during the described time of change. Offer suggestions from the survival guide for how the change might have gone more smoothly.

This assignment should range between 3 and 5 pages in length and include a cover page and a reference page and utilize full and accurate APA documentation. At least two sources beyond the survival guide should be used.

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