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    This post addresses the facebook case study questions.

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    Please assist with the following questions:

    1. What is the nature of the external environment surrounding Facebook.
    2. What is the kind of corporate-level strategy that Facebook is pursuing.
    3. What recommendations for Facebook.

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    1. What is the nature of the external environment surrounding Facebook.

    Facebook has a global wide presence that makes it possible for any person that has an internet connection through any type of device to gain access to the facebook network. This has allowed the company to attract millions of users in the recent past, which has caused the recent explosion in their growth. Facebook has a high influence over the public, which primarily consists of their users. Companies selectively advertise on certain pages on the social media site which they believe will attract the most visitors to the page. In this way, the company exists control over the influence on consumer buying decisions. Companies pay higher prices for ads on the home page, and lower prices for pages visited less frequently as determined by site page statistics available to facebook management. The demographics for facebook users include primarily the college-age student, but other classes, including those younger than college students as well as those older than the average college student have been increasingly steadily over the past few years. The company has faced serious legal troubles recently. As the site records and permanently stores an increased amount of ...

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