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This posting addresses the facebook case study.

Please answer the 3 questions on the attached case study.


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Discussion Questions:

1.) Participative decision making is good for Facebook since it allows users to give direct feedback on the product. What are some of the limitations and costs of participative decision making that Facebook must accept?

Facebook must accept the fact that since they have turned to this type of decision-making, the changes that the company feels are the most beneficial to the platform are not always what the user wants. This can best be demonstrated by all of the things that the company has started which have since been retracted due to user complaints. The main complaint on Facebook is that many of the acts of the company are a violation of user privacy, and they're right. Many elements that Facebook adds track the moves of each user. Other users know what pages the user likes, which pages they comment on, which products they like, what friends the user is friends with, who their ...

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