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Goodrich Aerospace's significant environmental scan issues

See attached file.

Identify Goodrich Aerospace's significant environmental scan issues.

My choice is Technology - Environmental scan issues that are impacting the company either positively or negatively by:
- Identify the issues.
- Identify whether it is a remote, industry, or operating factor and which sub-factor it represents. (which we each have an area above)
- Identify with data the impact of this issue on the company.
- Based on your current understanding, do you think the company is showing strategic adaptability in how they handle these issues? Justify your response.


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Strategic issues

There are events, situations or things that affect the operability of any organization either positively or negatively. These forces are referred to by the term; driving forces or environmental factors. There are two major types of driving forces that is internal driving forces or external driving forces. These factors can either be economical, technological, political or social. The technological issues affecting Goodrich Aerospace include electronic systems technology, and financial controller technology available at Goodrich Aerospace (Parker 2005). This paper discusses the technological issues which affect Goodrich Aerospace Corporation either positively or negatively.

Technological ...

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The expert identifies Goodrich Aerospace's significant environmental scan issues.