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External Threats for Apple Inc.

The following are seen as external threats for Apple computer, Do you agree, Why? or Why not? and Please explain your answer

Increase competition with music downloads
Dell and HP are major competitors in the computer market
Price of Apple products are higher
Companies not seeing Apple products as compatible with their software
Product substitution from competitors

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Increase competition with music downloads- This is a threat but not so big of a threat for people who actually own Apple equipment. Apple has a music download system that only work with Apple music players. iTunes is user friendly but only to a certain point. The fall for Apple is that people who own other music players cannot really use iTunes and if they do, transferring the music is not very easy. Even for people who do have Apple players, sharing music with friends is not possible with iTunes and this makes iTunes less attractive to consumers. Furthermore, many other music download providers have better deals for music downloads in terms of cost but they may be harder to use with Apple equipment.

Dell and HP are major competitors in the computer market - This is a threat as well as ...