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Changing Mission because of Strategy Evaluation

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How often should an organization's vision/mission be changed in light of strategy evaluation activities? Explain you rationale.

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The mission statement should be reviewed periodically to ensure that it truly describes the purpose of the business or organization. If the organization is undergoing strategic planning it is imperative that the mission statement be revisited. Organizations change over time based on numerous variables like a change to the external environment or the current market. If the external environment changes the ...

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263 words to explain the merits of being flexible in one's vision when evaluations suggest changes are in order.

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Evaluation of mission and vision statement for a university

Can you evaluate and write a paper about the following statements against the strategic planning and management criteria?

Our Vision

Our university aspires to be renowned as a quality institution of higher education that understands the market better than any other institution. We strive to apply that understanding to our programs and teaching, preparing Our university and its graduates to exceed employer expectations, transform communities, and change lives by believing that every person can achieve his or her dream.

Our Mission
Our university prepares people and organizations to excel in the knowledge-driven environment of the 21st century.

Our Values
Our University's Values represent the behavioral expectations of our faculty, staff, and students in performing their responsibilities and achieving their goals. These values are represented through STAIR.

Serving Students with Quality
? Understand our students
? Nurture capable and energetic students
? Help students start, stay, and succeed
? Provide GREAT service
? Commitment to continuous quality improvement

? Communicate openly and honestly
? Demonstrate loyalty
? Maintain confidentiality
? Teamwork
? Explain "why" and ask "why"

? Think as a University
? Follow University policies and procedures
? Perform to the vision and strategic plan
? Meet goals and carry out responsibilities
? Adapt to change in support of vision and strategic plan

Innovation and creativity
? Share thoughts and new ideas
? Actively engage and participate
? Constructively challenge status quo
? Think outside the box

Respect for people
? Celebrate success
? Inspire and motivate
? Treat everyone with respect and cooperation
? Embrace diversity

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