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    Lot of people enter into business, set big organizations, sit on the board of different companies. They render invaluable guidance in the running of the company and are compensated for it. But it is rare that they get emotionally attached to their venture. They do not have a dream to realize, a mission to make their enterprise a world class, have a vision to give the best to public, customers.

    "The most recognized and respected brand in the world".

    Mr. Schultz not only gave a name to his dream project. He strove to make the coffee offered at Starbucks a well recognized and respected brand. He wishes that customers of the Starbucks may recognize and respect it for its virtues such as quality and comfort.

    To ensure that he has encouraged the company's employees to feel a part of decision making process. He himself visits the various outlets, examines the problems faced by employees and customers and removes them without any haste. All the outlets are connected through WI FI router system.

    Mr. Cone contributed his might in setting up of the present communication system.

    The employees feel a pride of having been associated with such a company

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    The following quote from mhhe.com of Schultz best describes the culture, mission and vision of the company. I am shamelessly pasting the following quote as I believe no words than his can best describe them:-

    "All my life I have wanted to be part of a company and a group of people who share a common vision . . . I'm here today because I love this company. I love what it represents . . . I know you're concerned . . . I promise you I will not let you down. I promise you I will not leave anyone behind . . . In five years, I want you to look back at this day and say "I was there when it started. I helped build this company into something great."

    He wanted that the employees should feel proud of being associated with establishment and growth of the company in the ...

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    Mr. Shultz is emotionally attached with his company Starbucks. He has a clear vision and farsighted mission for the company. He wants that the people who work for the company may feel proud of being associated with it. In the days to come or after retirement they may proudly say to his grandchildren I was not only employed with this company but was actively associated in founding of it. It is truly a great company.

    Starbucks outlets may not only remain a place to come, sip a cup of coffee and go your way. It must be a place where housewives, salesmen, entrepreneurs academicians may come and discuss their problem, chalk out their future plans in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Further that they may get suitable snacks to go with the coffee. And the "cuppa" of coffee should be superb, cheapest and best. Every patron who leaves the outlet must be a moving advertisement and may return again and again with his friends and relations to sit and gossip to his heart's full content.