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    Positioning Map to Determine Ends of a Continuum

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    Using the Positioning Map Template attached determine two important factors and descriptors for the ends of the continuum, such as capacity, customer service, convenience, etc.

    Include the organization's competitors in your map for the same two factors you chose for your selected company.
    Analyze the results.
    Discuss issues that leaders face when interpreting these results.

    Since I used Apple as an example for the BCG Matrix ( reference only)- I wasn't sure if I also attached the grand strategy example too,if this would be easier to use for the positioning map

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    Positioning Map

    Positioning indicates how consumers perceive a product in relation to competitors' products. Positioning map will help Apple to categorize current market brands (competitors' products) in distinct position classifications. Apple can use this information to identify competitors that are adjacent to its products and analyze its strengths and weaknesses as it relates to its competitors' products. Apple can also use the positioning map to determine market segments with particular product requisite to launch new products. Apple's positioning map is illustrated in Table 1.1.

    Note: Please open attachment to view the Positioning Map Template.

    Analysis of Two Important Factors for Apple and Its Competitors from the Positioning Map

    Apple: First, Apple's strong brand image appeal to customers as a product that is reliable, innovative, and with unique style. Most consumers would not mind paying high prices for products that are qualitative, dependable and innovative. Second, Apple's top-notch customer service to its customers makes them feel treated with respect and honest care that is worthy of the high price they pay for Apple's products. Consequently, Apple's consumers become loyal to its products and services by continuing to purchase new products as soon as they launch.

    Sony: First, Sony's lower pricing of its products appeal to customers sense of purchasing considerable quality products at lower pricing than Apple's products. Most consumers would prefer to purchase good products at lesser price than comparable better product that is identical. Second, Sony's strategy of decreasing its products' pricing during the recession attracted more consumers who needed the products and were willing to pay perceived reasonable prices for them.

    HP: Customer intimacy and high quality products are the ...

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    The expert uses the positioning map template to determine two important factors and descriptors for the ends of the continuum, such as capacity, customer service, convenience, etc.