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Cash Management in Strategic Business Planning

Please discuss cash management.

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(This is a very broad subject, but I will try to help you develop an outline for a paper on Business Strategic Planning as
it relates to Cash Management, with textbook excerpts, internet links and original text. Please put the references that you use at the end of your paper in a references section. I am leaving part II for you to research and complete, because the link that I gave you is really a group of references on their own)

Cash Management in Business Analysis and Strategic Planning.

I Cash Management in Business

Cash management is an important component of any business, because it involves keeping track of the most liquid, or most
easily spendable, asset. Many small business sole proprietorships are cash only operations, because it is the easiest way
to maintain accounts. By contrast, other assets such as credit receipts (as accounts receivable), inventory, or equipment,
must go through some kind of intermediate process before it could be used to purchase goods and services for the business.
Because cash is so easily spendable, and, so easily stolen, a bank account can help the business to maintain control ...

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This is an overview of how to manage cash in a business and also how to analyze the business so as to make a strategic plan for cash management