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Six Sigma and Statistical Process Control

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What is the relationship between Six Sigma and statistical process control?

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This solution discusses the relationship between Six Sigma and statistical process control. References are provided.

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Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma & the Learning Curve

1. What is process capability? Provide an example of how it can be used in a global organization. What special considerations should be given to a global organization compared with a more local business?

2. In what ways does your organization rely on statistical process control? As organizations seek to become more effective, what role if any can statistical process control play? Are there any drawbacks to statistical process control? If so, what are they?

3. What is Six Sigma? What are the advantages and disadvantages for implementing Six Sigma in your organization? Analyze special considerations and possible constraints of implementing Six Sigma in an international business.

4. What is the learning curve and how can it be applied in a global business environment? Would the application of the learning curve be appropriate for your organization? Explain your answer.

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