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    Finalize the strategic implementation plan for peer review and final submission. Based upon all previous work, present your final implementation plan for a final peer review. Include the explanation of your final plan to keep all implementation information organized for the duration of the project. Include the key time-management skills you will employ to meet your deliverables for the scope of the capstone project.

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    //HP is one of the largest companies operating worldwide. While writing this paper, the supply chain of the company will be identified. Followed by this, the deficiencies associated with the supply chain will also be acknowledged. Then, curative actions will be taken to come out of the problem. For this, strategic tools will also be applied. Finally, strategic plan will be implemented, which will help in meeting the desired objectives//

    Hewlett Packard is one of the world's largest information technology company's, which is based in USA. The company came into existence in 1939 after the joint efforts of founders of Bill Hewlett and David Packard. There are vast numbers of products, which are manufactured by the company in every part of the world (HP. About Us, 2010). The company is giving sledge hammer performance in its field from past many years. The number of employees, which were recorded to be working in the organization in 2009, was 310,000. The company has been a technology pioneer as it has understood the needs and wants of the customers and delivered innovative technology products to its patrons.

    HP, from past many years has developed and manufactured computing products, data storage, designing software's, hardware's and delivering best and effective services to the customers all over the world. HP has marketed its products to households, small business firms and has sold the products directly to the customers through on-line distribution channel. The company is earning huge profits in its field and the services delivered to the customers are also effective. In 2008, HP held second position globally in its IT services. After the merger with Compaq in 1999, the revenue of HP increased and in 2009, it bagged 9th position in fortune 500 companies.

    Opening of Consumer e-commerce store by HP helped the company in fostering its relations with the customers in the market. It not only reduced the cost, but the growth of the revenue became high and the demand of the customers was easily met. The products of the company, includes printers, digital cameras, servers, workstations and scanners and new line of computers came when the company went for a merger with Compaq in 2002. HP in today's competitive era, not only sells hardware and software but also wide range of services, which helps in designing, developing and supporting IT related products.

    There are various strategies adopted by HP in order to remain strong in the market and have a competitive advantage against the rival companies. One of the significant strategy adopted by the company is; in order to connect directly with the customers, HP has built an on- line sales channel, which helps it to capture a large market and also enhances its relationship with the customers (HP. About Us, 2010).

    Since working in the IT field from past many years, the supply chain of the company proves to be effective and beneficial. The supply chain of the company proves to be of competitive advantage as it has developed economy of scale in an effective manner. But still there are some deficiencies associated with the existing supply chain that are creating problems in the path of progress of the company. To come out of the deficiencies, remedial actions would be taken, which will increase chain efficiencies. In addition to this, applying appropriate analytical tools becomes necessary so that, operational decisions are handled carefully and optimum utilization of resources takes place in the organization. For this, it becomes essential that a proper plan should be developed in order to meet the deliverables which will be identified in the deficiency part of the supply chain.

    //Moving on, the existing supply chain of HP will be identified, which will prove helpful in identifying the position of the company in the market and also in front of its competitors//

    Supply chain in simple words is defined as the whole business chain, which helps in developing inputs, in bound logistics and converting the inputs into products, which helps in making the end product reach to the customers. Supply chain is an accumulation of both material management and end product distribution, which helps in forming the process in the best possible manner. The firm can achieve success in its path if it optimizes its customer value and manage those activities that are carried out in the supply chain in an effective manner by putting all the needs of the customers as one continuous chain (Mentzer, 2001).

    Having superiority in the supply chain helps the firm to have a competitive edge against the rival companies. When a firm has an effective supply chain, it becomes easy for it, to win the market. The major advantage of supply chain is that it helps in handling the procurement and logistic function both at the front and the back end of the business. This results in forming value added products. The supply chain helps in delivering best kind of network in the market by developing supply chain as a major task and not just a product or a brand.

    There are over 600 manufacturers and suppliers throughout, with whom HP is working recently so that it can produce more than 1.3 million cartridges, 75,000 PC systems throughout the world. The suppliers of HP are mostly situated in developed countries. The suppliers of HP include manufacturers, commodity suppliers and service providers (Case Study: Hewlett- Packard, n.d.). Out of the other information technology companies, HP is considered to be the first information technology company, which included public in its supplier list. This has helped the company in managing its business practices in a flexible manner. There are 103 major suppliers, who are associated with the company world wide.

    The supply chain of HP follows a simple technical model, where all the items that are a part of the end products are formulated in the supply chain. The end products include raw materials, different parts and components of HP. HP works on a contract basis with its 1st tier supplier, specifying all the terms and conditions in the agreement between the parties, while the relationship between 2nd and 3rd tier supplier is indirect, where it is expected that the 1st tier supplier will manage the 2nd tier supplier and so on. It is expected that 1st tier supplier generates information from HP's higher tiers if there exists direct relationship between 2nd and 3rd tier supplier.

    In a fast moving world, the product life cycle is becoming short and it is necessary that the needs and wants of the customers are satisfied in a best possible manner. HP has understood the importance of effective supply chain management, which goes from suppliers of raw materials to factories and warehouses, and finally it to the stores after becoming a finished product. HP has used its supply chain in the most effective manner where it has developed a framework, which identifies the problems that hinders the performance of the suppliers. Not only this, it also identifies the dependability of the manufacturing transportation process and the changing preferences of the customers.

    HP has used its supply chain methodology by implementing supply chain management in all the divisions in the factory. It has improved its manufacturing process and delivered the desired products to its patrons (Davis, 1993). The company has received immense profits and has gained a perimeter against its competitors. Large number of independent entities has been involved in the supply chain management of HP, which has helped in production and delivery of services in an appropriate fashion. Also, there are specific marketing channels located by HP, which includes single computer dealer. In addition to this, in the era of competitive world, the company has used best supply chain management strategy by providing exceptional services to the customers in a quick and reliable manner.

    The supply chain management has been executed by the company successfully, which has resulted into improved team work among the employees and also proper coordination amongst them. The employees working in HP carry out their duties and responsibilities in the best possible manner so that the goals and objectives of the organization are achieved. The employees who are separated by either business function or geography have especially improved their working and now work in full coordination with the other employees. Also, effective supply chain management has leaded the company to focus on the needs and wants of the customers in the best possible manner and also its relationship with the suppliers has improved to a great extent. This has resulted in getting large demand of products from the customers, which has allowed the company to capture large sector of the market and also has lead to increase its profits.

    //moving on, it becomes essential to identify how effective is the supply chain of HP so that the best practices used in the supply chain management can be easily identified//

    HP has been receiving awards in the field of leadership and is using innovative strategies in its supply chain management. Comprehensive approach has been designed by HP so that the suppliers demand could be met easily. The supply chain of HP has focused on high ethical, social and environmental standards. It has been observed that the suppliers are not able to put their best efforts as they don't possess the skills and resources in order to comply with the set ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 5957 words with references.