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    SWOTT Anlaysis of an Airline Industry Company

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    Can you provide me with an example of a SWOTT ANALYSIS for an overview of an airline industry?

    SWOTT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, Threats and TRENDS. I would appreciate some references for further research, as the trends part is confusing me? Thank you.

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    I have located an excellent example of a SWOT analysis in an overview of an airline industry, which is attached (see page 19) (also available on-line at http://www.hiaa.ca/images/pdf_files/2005-2009%20Strategic%20Plan.pdf). In the overview, it also discusses some of the TRENDS in the industry, which will make it easy for you to draw on.

    To help you understand just how to SWOTT your business, let's go over the acronym.

    The "S" stands for Strength

    In assessing the strength of your business, it's important for all the key players to have a part in saying what they think your business's strengths are. These can range from an industry perspective to individual talents and even the diverse personalities in your company. Some questions to ask in order to assess your company's strengths are:

    What are the advantages of being the type of business you are?
    What ...

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    By example, this solution provides a SWOTT ANALYSIS for an airline industry company and links for further investigation. It also provides an overview of the questions to ask when beginning a SWOTT analysis, including the trends of the airline industry.