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Mcdonalds Transformation Plan Role of Total Quality

Create a transformation plan using McDonald's.

Please help write a paper that provides a plan for a sustainable organization and addresses restoration.

My responsibility is an introduction discussing a transformation plan, a conclusion and

1. Explain the role of total quality related to sustainability.

2. Choose two internal stakeholders and one external stakeholder, and describe the effect your sustainability plan has on them.

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Our Transformation plan for McDonald's USA will be a one-phase model. The first phase of the process begins with the automation of an existing restaurant employee activity. This is introducing into every American restaurant automated ordering screens with payment centers. These would be similar to the self-check out areas you currently see in some supermarkets and home supply stores. Every McDonald's store will be equipped so everyone will have these automated kiosks that make up 25% of the indoor operation and 25% of drive thru and or walk- through service operation. In stores with only 1 drive through, walk through or inside ordering station, there will be an option for customers to choose the automated option if they want to. This will be at the existing ordering area. The franchise stores will also have the option to automate up to 35% of their ordering and payment centers, at their own expense for equipment over the current proposed 50% rate, and the total costs of extra employee(s) above the two week transition or sustainability business phase.

Otherwise, the expected 10% employee increase over the two week transaction phase will be paid half by corporate and held by the individual franchises(s). Corporate stores will be set up in the same format as the franchises, solely at the corporation's expense. While this plan will initially fiscally effect the corporation and franchisees(they will each pay 50% of the cost of the product, installation, delivery and initial 1 year maintained contract) and perhaps very reduced productivity, and again related reduced short time profits, it is projected that ( because of the cost of equipment and installation and payroll time spent initially training the employees with this new technology and the abundance of corporations willing to sell this type of excess equipment at deep discounts), the start up for this transition plan will be fairly inexpensive and very short term. However over a very short time period, because of more multi-tasking by the now more efficient employees, the new equipment will allow these employees to be more productive and allow for fewer crew members. This will allow more profits at both for the corporation and the franchise (because of more sales, merchandise and licensing fees).

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