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Work Breakdown structure and Critical Path Management

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Using the figure in the attachment, answer the following questions:

a. What is the critical path?
b. What is the expected activity duration?
c. How much slack is available in the noncritical path?
d. Upon changing to a late-finish schedule, what would be the new duration?
e. Reconfigure the network as a critical chain network. What is the new duration of the project?
f. How long is the project buffer?
g. How long is the feeder buffer?

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This is basically understanding the work breakdown structure.

a) critical path is the path that would lead to delays in the project. So, the path with the most amount of hrs would be the critical path.

b) The longest time....because A-B and C-D ...

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Undestanding how to determine the critical path, late finish, and critical chain network.

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