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    What is the relative quality between Toyota Corolla and Rolls Royce?

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    Too many people believe high quality is synonymous with high price or high cost. Pick two functionally similar products that compete in very different markets and discuss the relative quality of each, Toyota Corolla and a Rolls Royce. Is cost often a function of the market requirements and can high quality is achieved at any cost point? Why or why not?

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    High Quality - High Price
    Toyota Corolla vs. Rolls Royce

    The concept of the high quality of a car is synonymous with the high price or cost of a car is a well known belief. Many people believe that you get what you pay for. Others believe that a Toyota Corolla is the "commoner car" and the Rolls Royce is "made for the rich." Although it is a subcompact car, the reality of it all is that a Toyota Corolla is one of the best made vehicles. It is the most reliable, the most purchased, and the most stolen. It is manufactured in Japan and in Brazil. The ...

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