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Promotional Strategy for a Toyota Corolla

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For this project, define a comprehensive promotional strategy for your product or service that includes the following components:

Create a sales promotion strategy for your product - Toyota Corolla.

Design a public relations strategy that you will follow before, during, and after the launch.

Outline the advertisement that you want to use to market your product or service. Think of your target market segment and the nature of your product.

Decide upon the media that you would like to advertise on. Is the theme of your advertisement robust enough to ensure that your advertisement is equally effective on all media? Suggest how will you measure the effectiveness of your advertisement.

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Create a sales promotion strategy for your product - Toyota Corolla.

There will be channel-based initiatives which will develop strategies to meet customer needs which include providing distinctive yet affordable 'special edition' vehicle models and enhancing of various services. Aside from this, Toyota will promote a number of measures in close cooperation with dealers, including initiatives related to an online vehicle maintenance information network to further enhance customer satisfaction activities. A micro-website can be set up to attract focused audiences in the web. It will be highly advertised so that traffic can be driven to the micro site. There is a need to set up a back end operation to ensure that the enquiries coming through the internet are linked to the relevant dealerships to close the sales. Sales promotion offering price breaks through its local dealerships can also be implemented.

Design a public relations strategy that you will follow before, during, and after the launch.

The theme of the launching of Toyota Corolla is "Ecology and Emotion" and it has a mission to relay a message to the public that Toyota Corolla is concerned with the environment. It is promoting Eco-driving which is a way to communicate the importance of buying low polluting cars like Toyota Corolla. To achieve these objectives, Toyota will implement a three-phase plan of launching the product before, during and after.

To publicly expose Toyota Corolla, an innovative marketing strategy can be implemented. Before the launching, the ...

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The solution presents a comprehensive promotional strategy for Toyota Corolla which includes sales promotion strategy, public relations strategy, advertisement and the media to be advertised on. References included.

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