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    Time management strategies

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    Speculate on at least two time management strategies you can implement to maximize the amount of time you have at your disposal everyday. Describe how these strategies might be implemented.

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    By the end of many days, I find that I have several tasks not yet done that I had anticipated finishing. Considering what may have gone wrong during a few of those days, I have generally found two primary reasons I fall behind: poor prioritization and improper planning.

    I estimate that I waste at least an hour per day at work on what I call 'cold start up time'. Consider the following: I have two projects waiting on me: one my boss handed me at 8:30am that he needs after lunch and a small project from a client that needs finishing by tomorrow around 2:00pm. While working on the first project, I am handed a third project due by 3:00 today. Without thinking, I generally ...

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    A medium lengthed essay (~500 words) giving a personal account of time management issues and potential corrections for problems related to them.