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Role of project management in modern organizations

Take some time to reflect on most recent project on which you worked. What was your role? How many people were on it? What was produced? How long did it last?

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I will describe what project I worked on last. I am in advertising, and we are working on a project with a client - they wanted to design an advertising campaign which will sell a drug that helps people to stop smoking.

In the project, we want to target not only doctors, but nurses, and consumers. This means we need an approach that is targeted specifically at each group, but with an overall theme that meshes well with each group.

My role was an account service manager. What does this mean? I am essentially the liaison person that connects the client with the agency. The client would contact me with their mandate, and then my job would be to educate all people in my agency of the goals and ideals of the client. The agency would then present ideas that I would then bring back to the client. The client would then provide their feedback, which I would send back to the agency. This will go back and forth until ...

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This solution discusses the role of project management in modern organizations. Effective communication techniques are also discussed.