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Project Management for a Construction Company

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Need assistance with the following

Prepare a fictional group project on a Construction Project

Develop a statement of work for the project, using the format of (1) background, (2) task, (3) objectives, (4) approach, and (5) input source.

Next, create a Work Breakdown Structure for the project. What are the key steps, including work packages, tasks, and any related subtasks for the project

Please use at least four fictional group members and create a Responsibility Matrix.

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Project Background
This is a construction project that aims to build a bridge over railway crossing in order to eliminate the condition of traffic congestion. This project is owned by state government, but ABC Construction Limited is received contract of completing this project from local authority of the city. The main purpose of this project is to provide relief from traffic jam to local during the pick hours of train crossing. A fund of $20,000,000 is allocated for this project. Along with this, local Municipal Corporation and state government officials are also set a time period of 12 months to complete this construction project.

Project Task
This project consists of several tasks. Some of these are as follow:
• Feasibility study
• Develop scope document
• Legal formalities
• Create project team
• Define requirements
• Develop project plan
• Budgeting
• Risk management
• Resource Management
• Develop schedule
• Construction
• Road construction
• Electric wiring
• Set security equipment
• Regular inspection
• Monitor load capacity
• Test strength of road
• Prepare status report
• Sign-off resources
• Post project appraisal
• Prepare project closure report
Project Objectives
Following are the key objectives of this project:
• To construct a well designed railway over bridge
• To eliminate the situation of traffic jamming when trains crossing railway crossing ...

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This response provides guideline how to arrive at project objectives, divide tasks, and input sources in the context of a fictional construction project. Also, it discusses how to create a work break down structure.