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Project Management

Time: Identify the completion date of the project.
Budget: List out the expenses and any other resource constraints for the project.
Project Performance: List the desired outputs from the project. Specify the performance criteria for the project.

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Budget & Project Performance


The hotel industry need has to provide various services to its customer to increase its customer base. The swimming pool is also an important service of a hotel that attracts more customers. Various types of services are provided by the hotel organization to its customers like beauty parlor, gym, discotheque etc. The hotel management can build up different type of swimming pools according the need of the customers.

Swimming Pool Project

The construction of the swimming is a short term project for the hotel organization. To make a decision for constructing the swimming pool, the management of the hotel has to firstly think about the cost, location and process time of the project. The management also decides about the contractor who will complete the project of the hotel organization. An experienced construction company helps to fulfill the requirements of the hotel. The process of constructing the pool involves many activities. Consultation is the first part of constructing a swimming pool in the hotel. A swimming pool takes the time of 4-5 month for completion.

Completion Time of the Project

If a project starts at the first December, then it will be completed in March or in April. In the first process of constructing the pool, the management of the hotel takes the first step as consulting. In this initial stage, the schedule is set for the construction and its ideas for the brief of the project are established. All the rules and regulation of establishing a swimming pool is also considered in the consulting process. This process takes a time of about 15-20 days in the project.

In the second step of the project, a design package is developed for the swimming pool. Different design and ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1108 Words, APA References