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PERT/CPM problem with three (3) time estimates

2. A project is composed of 8 tasks. The three-time estimates (in days) for each activity plus the precedence requirement for each are shown in the table below:

Activity Activity Time Estimates
(in days) ImmediatePredecessor
A 2, 3, 4 None
B 3, 4, 11 None
C 1, 2, 3 A, B
D 4, 5, 12 C
E 3, 5, 7 C
F 2, 3, 4 E
G 2, 3, 10 C
H 2, 3, 4 D, G, F
I 2, 3, 10 D, F
J 1, 2, 3 H
K 1, 2, 3 I, J

A. Draw a network for the project using AON method.
B. Determines the critical path(s) and identify them by a) double lining the arrows connecting the activities on the CP (like ===) AND b) writing the letter representing the activities on the CP in the answer-sheet-set.
C. Do a complete path analysis and fill the table in the answer-sheet set
D. What are the chances that the project will finish within 25 days?
E. What are the chances that the project will take longer than 23 days to finish?

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A table incorporating ES, LS, EF, LF, Slack Time, and Critical Path
Activity ES LS EF LF Slack Time Critical Path

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