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Quantitativew analysis: PERT/CPM analysis.

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A project has been defined to contain the following activities, along with their time estimates for completion. Carry three decimals in your calculations and answer the following questions:

Activity Time Estimates (weeks) Immediate Predecessors
a m b
A 2 5 6 -
B 1 5 11 -
C 4 6 10 A
D 2 2 2 B
E 1 2 9 A
F 2 4 5 C,D
G 3 8 11 C,E
H 1 2 4 F,G

a. What is the expected duration of activity H?
b. What is the variance of activity H time?
c. Using the expected activity durations, which activities form the critical path?
d. What is the probability of completing the critical path found in (C) above in 22 weeks or less?

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