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Risks on Information Technology in Businesses

Find an example of a company that took a big risk on an information technology project and succeeded. In addition, find an example of a company that took a big risk and failed. Summarize each project and situation. Did anything besides luck make a difference between success and failure.

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Information technology is a broad term that describes the computer hardware, software, networking industry including telecommunications and audiovisual equipments and many other devices that integrate data, equipment, personnel, and problem-solving methods in planning and controlling.

eBay's Success of API's

An important IT success example is eBay, which is known as the world's most well-known internet auction site. The company also owns PayPal, Skype, Rent.com and many other businesses. The cofounder Pierre Omidyar wrote the code for eBay, then-called AuctionWeb. During this time, he was experimenting with how equal access to information and opportunities affects the efficiency of marketplaces. The site turned a profit six months after it was launched. Sellers were posting an item for sale and accepting auction bids over a two-week period. The highest bidder wins, and the buyer and seller exchange address information for payment and shipping. EBay charged a thirty-five-cent listing fee, and took a ...

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This solution discusses information technology and failure in companies.