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    Project Baselines, Management Behavior, and Crashing and Fnding

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    Describe how changes to a projects scope, schedule, and cost impact a project's baseline. In addition, identify and describe at least three change management behaviors that can be expected from a constrained project. Lastly, include at least two alternative crashing and funding methods that would reduce plausible cancellation of tasks or resource reloading behavioral challenges.

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    Effects of Project Changes (Crashing and Funding Methods)

    Changes to a projects Scope, Schedule, and Cost can impact a project baseline. Verzuh (n.d.) references that Baselines are used to track the progress of the project against cost and schedule goals. Cost and schedule baselines represent the original project plan, as approved by the stakeholders. Ideally, a project should never vary from its original plan; therefore, a comparison between actual performance and the baseline should show no variance. However, zero variance never usually ...

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    This solution discusses various aspects of a project including project changes to scope, schedule, and cost, management behavior, and crashing and funding methods.