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Project Scheduling at Blanque Construction Company

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Need assistance on the following two questions. just need 200 words for each question

1. What are some of the issues that weigh in favor of and against crashing the project.?

2. Suppose you were the site supervisor for this project. How would you advise Joe to proceed? Before deciding whether or not to crash the project, what questions should you consider and how should you evaluate your options?

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Project Scheduling at Blanque Construction Company
Crashing is a method by which project duration can be reduced by reducing time of one or more activities to less than normal time. Only those activities which are on the critical path can be crashed. There are many methods which can be used for crashing but pros and cons of each should be carefully evaluated before opting for one.
Advantages of Crashing
• Project manager can avoid late penalties if the project is running late by crashing few of the activities
• Project may have monetary incentives if it gets completed early or within timeline. Project manager can avail that incentive by crashing.
• Crashing can free resources that can be used for other ...

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Pros and cons of project crashing are discussed along with recommendation for crashing