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Critical path of a crash

See Table that is attached to answer the following questions:

11. Which activities on the original critical path have minimum crash costs per week for this project?

A. A,B,H
B. A,C,E
C. A,B,C
D. C,D,E

12. When you crash this project, you will have two critical paths. What is the additional critical path?

A. A-C-F-H
B. A-C-B-D-G-H
C. B-D-G-H
D. B-D-E-F-H

13. What is the total minimum cost for crashing this project to 13 weeks?

A. 1000
B. 2000
C. 3000
D. 5000
E. none of the above

14. Can activity E be crashed by two weeks?

Yes or No

15. To crash this problem successfully to 13 weeks, at some point activity D will have to be crashed to 3 weeks.

True or False

16. A crash cost is the amount of additional revenue necessary to complete an activity before its normal time of completion.

True or False


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