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Project Crashing Cost Calculations

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Using the activity matrix information and diagram, how would I determine:
- the crash cost per day for each activity
- which activities I would have to crash in order to meet a 12 day deadline at minimum
- how much more would it cost to crash the project

Activity Normal Time Crash Time Normal Cost Crash Cost
A 5 3 $300 $600
B 3 2 $250 $450
C 6 4 $400 $500
D 5 3 $150 $400

____A (5,3) ________________________
START D (5,3) _______Finish
____B (3,2) _______C (6,4) __________

Note: I need the suffient information to provide me with enough information to understand the process. I need a step by step explaination.

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Solution Summary

The solution examines project crashing cost calculations. The activities to crash in order to meet a 12 dy deadline at minimum costs are determined.

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1. The crash cost per day for each activity
Activity Normal Time Crash time Normal cost Crash cost Crash cost per day
A 5 3 $300 $600 $300
B 3 2 $250 $450 $450
C 6 4 $400 $500 ...

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