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Provide an example that describes why management might commission a project, as opposed to leaving the work in a line organization.

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Provide an example that describes why management might commission a project, as opposed to leaving the work in a line organization.

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"The factory employs about 165 people directly and indirectly supported and sustained about 4500 shea nut pickers, carriers and transporters. The factory is a joint venture between Juaben Oil Mills Limited and OLAM, a leading multi-national in the business of food ingredients, from Singapore."

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I found a brief article about the managerial decision of commissioning a project in a line organization and the reasoning of CEO about accepting the project. This is the most brief and clear article i could find in the library database as an example.


Below is an example article about commissioning a $400,000 Shea Nuts processing facility by the president of Juaben Oil Mills in Ghana and his reasoning about commissioning the project.

President John Agyekum Kufuor has called for reforms in land acquisition to make it attractive for investors. He said chiefs must assist the government in its land reforms program so as to reduce the high incidence of land litigation to create a congenial atmosphere for investment. President Kufuor made the call when he commissioned a 400,000 dollar Shea Nuts processing Factory for the Juaben Oil ...

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