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Worldview Globalcom

Review the Scenario detailed below. ODHS selected the Worldview Globalcom product for implementation in the E-mail Upgrade Project.

1. The project was accomplished in 14,960 hours versus the planned 12,000 hours, at a total cost of 1.56M versus the planned 1.25M over a ten month (versus nine month planned) schedule.

2. The Worldview vendor team had five key deliverables in the project, one of which was delivered 30 days late and another 10 days early.

3. The Ohio Department of Corrections, as a result of watching this effort, is deploying the Globalcom product for their organization.

4. Users report that they are very happy with the new e-mail system.

5. Mahoning County's infrastructure was too old to support the new e-mail system; they are being migrated next month as a separate project.

6. The Worldview contract was completed within established cost.

7. The Globalcom product's spam filter requires a different network configuration than is currently in place for the network.

8. The project team suffered from a 20% turnover rate during the life of this project, and exit interviews reveal salary was the overall cause.
Develop a Lessons Learned document for the Worldview project with these specific action items:

Write three project success criteria that would have been included in the charter-. Explain your criteria.

Using the addenda items detailed above in addition to information you creatively develop, write your lessons learned based on the criteria and the three components of cost, schedule, and performance (you may use these as individual sections of your paper). Note, not all the addenda items may even be pertinent.

Answer the following in a summarizing, final page: Was the project a success? Why or why not? If not, were portions of the project a success, and what was the impact of those success areas on the overall determination of project success?

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The three project criteria are quality of e-mail, timely delivery of the project and the adherence to the budget of the project.

The first criterion for the project is the quality of e-mail service. This includes the storage space that is provided to users, the quality of spam protection and the ease of interface. It the e-mail service provides POP and IMAP access. The other features of the e-mail should also be examined like labels, folders and message formats.

Depending on the requirements the e-mail service should have several supporting features like news feeds, SMS texting, and instant messaging. The e-mail service should be stable fast and easy to use. One of the sub-criteria will be the ease of use by employees. One of the purposes of launching the new e-mail service is that this service should save time for the employees. It should be hassle free, quick and easy to use.

Good quality of the e-mail system should also include extensive and well indexed documentation. The system should be easy to fix. The e-mail service should be reliable. It should not be 'down'. It should be amenable to regular servicing even when the services are available.

In evaluating the quality of the e-mail delivered, the opinion of the users will be considered. The users will be asked to rate the e-mail service on the basis of their experience with the services rendered.

The second criterion is the timely delivery of the project. Each and every component should be delivered on schedule. This is necessary so that the new system will be up and working for the company projects. In addition, the number of days requested for the delivery, ...

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