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product policy, crm, distribution channels

Please provide guidance and reference so I can develop the last part of my strategic marketing plan. Information is based on the following statement.

The conference has come to an end. Your complete Strategic Marketing Plan is now due. Add the following components to create your final plan:

Product Policy
Channels of Distribution
Customer Relationship Management

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Product Policy:

The main decisions surrounding a product/service policy are those in relation to product/service features, packaging and product range. Since our service is "virtual", packaging feature holds a different meaning in the context of our online tutoring service. Let us discuss the other two important elements, ie, product features and product range.

Our online tutoring service will not only all those features which are desirable in the industry such as cost effectiveness, flexibility of hours, quality, etc., but will also include host of other features which will provide much needed value proposition to our clients. For example, the technological features with respect to most advanced techniques in video conferencing and sharing tools, voice features, etc. alongwith highest standards and wide ...

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Product policy, crm, distribution channels