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    Health Care: Strategic Management

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    1. Differentiate what ways strategy development in a hospital or multi-group physician setting is more complex than other business entities? Debate if a profit target is a legitimate aspect of a not-for-profit organization's vision? Propose some examples of assumed assumptions in health care and discuss under what conditions assumed assumptions occur.

    2. Distinguish why health care organizations tend to take on more initiatives than they have capital to support? Analyze what are the core reasons for strategic planning failure? Compare and contrast the core differences between strategy and tactics?

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    Strategy development in a hospital or multi-group physician setting is more complex than other businesses because the goal setting process is complex. The goals in business are simple. These are increasing sales, market share, and profits. In hospital or multi-group physician setting goals can be complex. Also, gathering information relating to hospitals is difficult than it is in business. There can be conflicts relating to the vision and current assessments. Strategy development means defining the methods how one will make progress and monitoring the progress. Because hospital or multi-group physician setting there are conflicts relating to operations it is difficult to fix responsibility and monitor progress. For example there are conflicts regarding the roles of the physician, the nurse, and support ...

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