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Patient Safety and Organizational Culture

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Article Title: More than words

Author: William Corley

What is the relationship between patient safety and organizational culture? What can you learn from this as an aspiring healthcare executive?

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Hospitals, in general have always had a system of two or more subcultures. Doctors have their culture and the rest of the healthcare staff has theirs. In some hospitals, there is a clash between administration and clinical staff. True team effort holds equality at its core and functions when each team player takes ownership of the purpose and acts as though he/she alone is responsible for the success or failure of that action. Accountability and empowerment are at the core of successful companies. And, organizational culture is not attained through a one-year project; rather it is the result of years of modeling by ...

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This solution describes organizational culture in the healthcare setting and how it affects patient care. It discusses culture at both the individual and team levels, and also offers tips for healthcare executives in terms of decision-making regarding patient safety.

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