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Organizational Strategic Intent

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Chapter two raises the issues of objective setting and strategy formulation. The authors suggest that "strategic intent" (the relentless pursuit of an ambitious strategic objective, concentrating the full force of the organization's resources and competitive actions on achieving that objective) is key to focusing the organization on a strategic goal. Do your organizations express strategic intent? How is it expressed? Is it commonly shared in the organization and generally understood? Finally, and most importantly, if the organization lacks strategic intent, or it is ambiguous, what suggestions would you draw from Chapter Two to remedy the situation?

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Many organization expresses strategic intent, by developing a strategic plan in which to carry out its objectives in a manner that is efficient and effective in promoting the attainment of the goal of increased profitability for the organization. The organization aggressively markets products to the customer base that is most likely to have the need for its goods and services, and this marketing is conducted at a number of levels. The marketing that is used by this organization is facilitated through the use of Internet, ...

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Strategic Intent

Please assist with the following:

1. Compare and contrast "conventional strategic planning concepts" with those of "strategic intent thinking."

2. Please also discuss how the differences in conventional strategic planning and strategic intent thinking concepts can lead to better business strategy practice.

Approx 3 to 4 paragraphs. Please include scholarly references.

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