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    Organizational Structure Compared and Contrasts

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    Prepare a paper in which you compare and contrast the organizational structures of two organizations.

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    Pfizer & Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical Corporations Organization Structures

    Pfizer is one of the leading New York based pharmaceutical companies that is worldwide known for its biological and medical research. The research centres of the company are located at several places in the United States and England. One of the milestones in the field of the medical research by Pfizer is innovation of Sutent and Chantix. The aim of the company is to provide high class of medical solutions to patients. The company focuses on safe, effective and reasonably priced medicines.
    Pfizer Inc organization structure is divided into divisions and groups in accordance to their products and their functions. The company has nine assorted health care businesses, which are as follows:

    ? Primary Care
    ? Specialty Care
    ? Oncology
    ? Emerging Markets
    ? Established Products
    ? Consumer Healthcare
    ? Nutrition
    ? Animal Health
    ? Capsugel

    Each of this business division of the company is directed by an executive with apparent answerability for outcomes from product development complying proof of conception to furnishing access to patients and through to the end of the product's life cycle. The various business divisions of the company are rendered with the enough resources to follow striking growth opportunities and to bring gains to all who rely on the company all around the world (Pfizer Leadership and Structure, 2009).

    To a lesser extent, we can confer that Pfizer's structure is divided in two prominent business segments: ...

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