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    Green River Organizational Analysis: structure and culture, build intergroup relations

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    Using the appropriate organizational analysis format continue your analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River by focusing specifically on intergroup relations and the organizational context. Areas of interest should include the following:

    Organizational Structure
    Organizational Culture

    What strategies will Daily need to consider as he plans to build intergroup relations and further develop the Green River facility organizationally?

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    Daily's biggest challenge seems to be the initial start-up involved with taking on Aberdeen's organizational culture. Aberdeen has a very unique, off-the-wall approach to employee relations. Everything is based around a team, with a team leader and each individual on the team having an assigned function. Responsibility has been pushed from the top to the bottom, and each individual must be responsible for their own work. Plant management has empowered the employees and teams by allowing them the freedom to do what they need to do to get the job done. The plant is run like a family, so the atmosphere is ideal for working relationships and communication. It has been an outstanding choice at the Aberdeen plant, and many other plants wish to copy this and use it in their plant.

    This said, Daily wishes to do the same. His biggest problem occurs at the onset--he already has a large group of employees and an organizational structure in ...

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    In a 665 word response, the solution clearly addresses the issue with a number of suggestion for Ken Daily to meet the challenges. The problems are explained including ideas he should consider to implement change.