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    Case E - Kerrie's Challenge: Leading an Unpopular Change

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    Case E - Kerrie's Challenge: Leading an Unpopular Change

    1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

    2. Kerrie has been charged with reducing operating expenses. Explain her solution to this problem. Be specific and discuss both positive and negative factors.

    3. There is a clear violation of Fayol's unity of direction principle in this case. What is it, and how does Kerrie attempt to overcome it?

    4. There are several examples of self-interest in Kerrie's organization. How would Mary Parker Follett suggest these issues be resolved?

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    1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.
    Kerrie Peterson is one of the general managers of Access, one of the Fortune 100 companies in the field of financial services. After a meeting with the CEO and fellow general managers, Kerrie held an urgent meeting with her senior management team regarding the impact of the recession that the company and the economy is facing. The recent financial review has shown a dismal effect on the profits and before it gets any worse, the business leaders of the company have agreed to reduce operating expenses by 15% at the end of the year.
    Kerrie used a team-based approach in solving the problem of cost reduction. After a challenging brainstorming, she asked the other members of the team to submit their suggestions, opportunities, ideas for cost reduction, estimated potential cost of savings, etc. Kerrie knew that the move to 'change' would create resistance not only on the senior team but also in the account management workforce as they will be affected. She has asked the Human Resources Manager to help her gather the views of the senior team and to help create a change management plan.
    The second part of the case revolved around the implementation of the chosen strategies with the formulation of a redesign team for the purpose of redesigning account management with the hope to produce maximum resource allocations. Although the team worked on the recommendations, the members needed the help of the senior management in handling resistance and anger that are expected from the account ...

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    Case E - Kerrie's Challenge: Leading an Unpopular Change:
    * basic facts and critical issues
    * Kerrie's solution to cost reduction issue (positive and negative factors)
    * Fayol's Unity of Direction and how Kerrie has overcome it
    * Self-interest and how it can be resolved
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